We make presentation
of your business.

Corporate, marketing, advertising, sales.

Presentation examples

This is the oxymoron: as a rule, presentations are the most unpresentable looking marketing tool. But we are doing our best to turn over the idea of presentations.

Other products

Apart from creating corporate presentations, we are developing in the field of digital and print media design.

Posters, banners

Everything that can hook on your attention.
From €200
Billboards, posters, banners | Timelab.pro graphic design
Web-design | Timelab.pro graphic design


We create human centered sites.
From €500

An endless number of advertising materials

Even the events design of ceramic tiles.
From €200
Products | Timelab.pro presentations & graphic design
We know where the intersection of business and creativity is. We are inspired by everything that is connected with it: from statistics to watercolor illustrations.
About us | Timelab.pro presentations & graphic design

Our way

We started the way with a creative video 10 years ago and grew into a full-length movie. For this time we have accumulated a diverse artistic experience, expanded the base of specialists. Now we are storming the graphic design energetically. We have a fresh look, an extensive range of vision and an analytical mind.
Our site about video: timelab.pro
We think big. We create design and make goals together with favorite brands.
We have an option "No comments" for people & companies, who completely trust our experience and professionalism.

Presentation price principles

We are transparent in pricing. It's comfortable to understand the price of each slide, according to your budget.
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€50 per slide

Minimalist design:
Laconic, easy, with an accurate and clear composition.
€60 per slide

Classic design:
A composite design with combination of blocks and lines.
€70 per slide

Pro design:
Multi-layer sophisticated design with color scheme & photo retouch.
from €80 per slide

Creative design:
Author's illustrations, watercolor drawings, etc.

Using of 1 free commercial license image.

Purchasing of 1 stock image.


Decoration of 1 diagram / scheme / table / prototype of device.


Drawing of 1 map / infographics.

Copywriting of 1 slide text.
from €7

Translation of 1 slide to a foreing language.

Urgent presentation creating for 24h.

Very urgent presentation creating for 12h.

We are often asked

How is the interaction with customers held?
Effectively. We appreciate your and our time. Discussion is passed online: by mail, by phone through messengers (Telegram, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber).
What is the minimum number of slides in the order?
We work with presentations including more than 5 slides.

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Art director
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